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Spelunking at Hirbat Midras

Hirbat Midras 

About 15miles south of Bet Shemesh in Park Adulam in the heart of the Shfela, Midras had a significant population during the Second Temple period destroyed in the Bar Kochba Revolution. Many scholars believe that it is the site of the home and grave of the Prophet Zechariah. Some exceptionally well preserved mosaics, uncovered in 2011, are on the site. There are remains of a Byzantine Church. An ancient burial cave, located just above the apse of the Byzantine structure is possibly Zecharia’s Tomb, based on a reading of the Madaba map.


The site includes some extensive hiding places  from both the Great Revolt (66-70) and the Bar Kochba (132-135) Uprising, where coins, period pottery and vessels were discovered. This is the place for family friendly spelunking or caving. But don’t forget your flashlight or head lamp. Over-weight, elderly and the physically challenged should not consider this exploit.  Unfortunately I fail in all three categories so I had to be satisfied with a friend’s clip. 

However, Israeli schools regularly bring entire classes here for an exciting outing. Take a look! Want to try?

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