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St. Peter’s Church Jaffa

St. Peter’s Church and St. Peter’s Monastery in Jaffa

This is the center of Christianity in Jaffa. The New Testament records several of the deeds of St Peter the Apostle which took place in Jaffa:

  • The raising of Tabitha: “Tabitha, rise.” Acts 29:40
  • Peter’s stay at the house of Simon the Tanner where Peter was commanded to eat animals that were regarded as unclean in the Jewish tradition, under kosher law. Acts 10:15

St. Peter’s Church in Jaffa and the neighboring St. Peter’s Monastery were built by the Spanish government for the Franciscan Brothers between the years 1888 and 1894 where the fortress of St Louis IX, King of France had stood at the time of the 6th Crusade (c. 1251). The church contains 13th century remnants of St. Louis’ citadel. Napoleon Bonaparte lived here while he was at St. Peter’s in 1799.

Inside the church is a remarkable wooden pulpit, not usual in a Catholic church, carved in the form of a fruiting tree.

St. Peter's Church, Jaffa
St. Peter’s Church, Jaffa
St. Peter's Church, Jaffa
St. Peter’s Church, Jaffa – Franciscan – The arms of Jesus and Francis crossed over the Tau Cross. Below the Franciscan Cross, is the cross of the Holy Land, a Greek cross in red on a white background with four smaller crosses, one in each quadrant, also known as the “Jerusalem cross”
St. Peter's Church, Jaffa
St. Peter’s Church, Jaffa


The cross at the front of the St. Peter’s Church in Jaffa stands on top of a rock. Jesus told Peter at Banias that he is the “rock” upon which his church will be built. Peter’s name in Aramaic is Cepha, the word for “rock.” A rock was brought from Banias when this church was built upon which the cross was fastened.

St. Peter's Church
St. Peter’s Church



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