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Startups In Jerusalem

If you are somehow related to the world wide startup scene, you have probably already heard of the ‘Silicon Vadi’ – the local, so successful startup scene of Israel. Legends have been told about it, books have been written about it, and the myth is just getting bigger. It seems to be same old story. David from the levant, rocking the Goliaths of the world. Only this time, he is doing it from his small office in Tel-Aviv, and instead of a stone he has an algorithm.

Well, recently the story got ahistorical-scale twist. Jerusalem, the older sister of young TLV has decided to join the party and play a major role on the startup map of Israel and as we know Jerusalem – surely of the world. New startups in jerusalem are booming, and the city is becoming one of the most interesting startup cities and there is more than on reason for it.

Who to follow?

This is a shortlist of some of the most interesting hotspots, co-working spaces and organisations in the current Jerusalem startup science. Yet, as said – it’s booming and rapidly growing so stay tuned and check out how the city of King David, Solomon Herod and the Crusaders is becoming the capital of the world’s new startup kings.

Made in Jerusalem
Made in Jerusalem Looks like the number one resource for a jumpstart into the holy city startup scene. Located in the city center it is non profit organisation that Connects over 400 entrepreneurs by offering resources, support, and connectivity between VCs, incubators, Hubs, Co-Working space and Top quality service providers. They also have a great website where you can get updated about new jobs in the city, Meetups and events being held and all things startup Jerusalem has to offer. 

Check out the twitter stream:


Jnext launched in 2014 by the Jerusalem Development Authority, helps raising smart money for the technology and biotechnology industries in Jerusalem, and functioning as one of the main pivots in the city current hi-tech boom.

In the heart of Jerusalem, the JVP Media Quarter is a well known home for over than 200 young, startup employees and a dozen JVP start-up and portfolio companies.


PICO is a very cool shared space in Jerusalem, connecting people, ideas and talents into a community of makers. Bonus: they also have a running art exhibition!

AtoBe Accelerator

Huji Inovation lab

Huji inovation lab’s github page rank higher than their main domain, and that says it all(:


Amazing things happen in jerusalab, the interaction lab of musrara school of art. Follow them on twitter:

Jumpspeed Ventures

Jumpspeed is a micro-fund based in Jerusalem, managed by Ben Wiener and led by a team of talented mentors and thought leaders. This is the main website:

And check out their beautiful portfolio too!

Hasadna -The Public Knowledge Workshop (NGO)
A little bit different yet very interesting player is The Public Knowledge Workshop, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to release public information and make it easy for everyone to engage with.

Nodeside is a Full Stack development house based in Jerusalem. If you open a startup in TLV, you have more than a few excellent development agencies to work with, her’s a good one in Jerusalem.

Subs-hub is a co-working hub located in no other than Beit Shemesh, not the first place you would expect to find a co-working hub. We wish them all the luck!

Lightricks  was created by 5  local computer engineering super stars in a mission to change the world and reinvent mobile image editing. In a matter of no-time they did just that. Their apps, facetune and Enlight are constantly rocking the top tables of the app stores, both Ios and Android. From Jerusalem, with love!

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