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StyleLife: Travel Tips

By Michelle in  Pinque


Here are my favorite travel tips and an easy printable packing list to help make your next vacation a little easier. – See more at:



1} While cleaning your house before you leave can be a hassle, it is worth it to come home without a list of chores that need completing. I also like to have all my clothes washed so I don’t have double the laundry upon my return!

2} My must have apps include:

Flipboard – To catch up on my favorite blogs.

Twitter – To keep up with social media and share great travel finds.

Instagram – What’s better than sharing your travel photos instantly?

Alarm System – Ours notifies when the alarm has been deactivated so we know our home is safe and sound.

Pinterest – Great for wasting time in the airport while waiting on your flight.

3] There is nothing worse than lost luggage, so never leave anything you cherish in your checked baggage.

4} Free water vs. $3 bottled water? Easy decision.

5} Inevitably my packed liquids always leak, so packing them in airtight bags prevents them from ruining my precious clothes.

6} Do you really want your shoes that are full of dirt and germs contaminating your clean clothing? I didn’t think so.

7} Everyone knows I love shopping on a trip, so I always make sure to have room or an extra bag to bring some goodies home!

8} Even if it is 100 degrees at your destination, airplanes, airports and restaurants are ALWAYS freezing.

9} Nothing stresses me out quite like airport security, so I always make sure to wear sandals or slip-on shoes to make things move a little quicker.

10} Vacations should be FUN, not stressful!


– See more at:

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