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Synagogue Tours to Israel

Synagogue Tours

Many Jewish religious centers around the world organize a first time tour for their membership in the Holy Land. Local Israeli tour agencies and tour guides offer special itineraries for synagogue tours with special consideration for accessibility.

Traveling to Israel on an organized Synagogue tour can be a wonderful, educational touring experience for congregants and friends who are traveling with their Rabbi, their Cantor, or their congregational leadership. This trip can provide intellectual and emotional stimulation and content.

Synagogue tour -

Touring Israeli Synagogues

However even if you are not connected with a synagogue, or perhaps are not Jewish, synagogues are among the most interesting attractions in Israel. Israeli synagogues cover all periods of history – they may be archaeological, antique, ethnic or modern. This is a very original way for you to learn how the Jewish people lived through the ages. In modern synagogues you can meet Israelis on their turf today.

Here are two entirely different examples of synagogue visited by incoming tourists.

The “Sephardic synagogues” in the ancient city of Jerusalem

You and your community may want to visit sites that are a reflection of a pluralistic approach to Jewish sites, including the Kotel (the Western Wall), Orthodox, Conservative  and Reform synagogues or perhaps historical sites where the design is one that reflects the challenges to Israel’s democracy today.

The Great Synagogue in Jerusalem

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