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Taba, Egypt

Many Israelis used to adventure to the Red Sea and enjoy this popular tourist destination in the Sinai region. Unfortunately, Israelis and international tourists are now advised not to cross the Egyptian border to Taba – טאבה because of the increased terrorist activities in the Sina peninsula. “The gateway to Sinai” is a beautiful place – I have been in all of the attractions pictured here when Sinai was held by Israel and later again back under the Egyptian government – and loved it. Taba was a fast growing resort 75 km north of Nuweiba. Well known for its charming bays and coastline, tourism has blossomed recently with the opening of its International Airport, which has direct flights from many parts of Europe. The 12th century fortress of Saladin on Pharaoh’s Island is a joy to visit as it is in a remarkable condition. It is surrounded by blue and turquoise waters and its reefs are a paradise for snorkelers and divers.

Just 50 km south of Taba is the stunning Coloured Canyon, a marvel of the natural world and a kaleidoscope of colour. The Fjord, another spectacular site, just 15 km south of Taba, is a delightful and protected bay with stunning coral refs and unforgettable scenery.


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