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Byzantine Churches in the Negev *

Securing their trade routes, the Nabateans built Byzantine Churches in the Negev in stations on the the main routes at Kurnub (Mamshit), Shivta and Avdat. Nabateans In the first century ...

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Ancient Shivta, Negev Desert Shivta, in Israel’s Negev Desert is a Nabatean-Roman-Byzantine city, founded around 1 century BCE, that forms part of the series of UNESCO Heritage Site Desert Cities (Shivta, ...

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Avdat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was founded by Nabatean traders, the masters of those caravans as a way station on this Incense Route. At the visitor center a short film ...

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Desert tourism in Israel

Tourists discover Israel’s Negev desert History and scenery come together for visitors to Israel’s Negev Desert. Israel’s Negev Desert accounts for more than 55 percent of Israel’s land, but only ...

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