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Metzudat Koach

  Nebi Yusha This small Shi’a Moslim village settled in the 18th Century by the al-Ghul family who built the shrine for Nabi Yusha’ (Prophet Joshua – Joshua Bin-Nun), which included a mosque. The ...

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Moa – מואה A Nabatean site on the Spice Route, built in the 1st century, a world Heritage Site. The Incense Route and Desert Cities of the Negev reflects the hugely profitable ...

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Israel National Trail

National Geographic notes the Israel National Trail (Shvil Yisrael – שביל ישראל) National Geographic magazine named the Israel National Trail (INT) one of the “World’s Best Hikes.” The special section ...

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Sataf National Park –  הסטף Sataf is a serene place on the terraced slopes, where ancient mountainous agriculture is practiced as it was by the Israelites thousands of years ago. The ...

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Amud Stream Nature Reserve

Nachal Amud – נחל עמוד The Amud Stream is a “miniature Garden of Eden,” a magical creation of nature. Here, along a year-round flowing stream in the shade of groves ...

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