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Israel – Spirit of Creativity

Rebranding Israel: History Out, Creativity and Innovation In The Foreign Ministry is rebranding Israel as an energetic, colorful nation full of variety; that possesses a wealth of entrepreneurship and creativity. In Israel ...

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A Trip to Israel in Urdu/Hindi

Foreign Language Tours of Israel – Urdu/Hindi A Virtual Tour of Israel in Urdu/Hindi اس دستاویزی فلم میں آپ کو کوہ سدوم دیکھنے کے لئے ملے گا ، جہاں پر ...

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The White Synagogue of Capernaum

  The White Synagogue Jewish Capernaum Today, while visiting the Sacra Insula, one can visit the remains of a Byzantine-era 4th Century Jewish Synagogue (The White Synagogue) of Capernaum and ...

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Safed (Tzfat), the City of the Kabbalah, is a beautiful, mystical, magical place. Every stone has a different story to tell. Safed used to be considered one of Judaism’s Four Holy Cities, ...

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Hamakhtesh Hakatan

This image was taken by the NASA Expedition 22 crew. - NASA gateway to Astronaut photography

On the Way to Hamakhtesh Hakatan The Small Crater (5 km by 7 km) is the smallest among the 5 large unique geologic depression forms known as Makhteshim (geological erosion cirques) in ...

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