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Judaism and Buddhism *

The gilded "Emaciated Buddha statue" in an Ubosoth in Bangkok representing the stage of his asceticism Chainwit. - Own work

Judaism and Buddhism. The former is a monotheistic faith built on faith God, the Torah, and the idea of free will. Judaism emerged in the Levant around 3,300 years ago. The latter is a nontheistic and monastic religion that originated in India around 563 BCE.
Judaism and Buddhism?! Isn't it sacrilegious to equate the two? Yet, we find many parallels between their mystical teachings. Over a third of American Buddhists are Jews! In the 60's (as well as today) seeking Jews en masse explored Far Eastern disciplines and it became a part of their spiritual journeys. What is behind this Jewish fascination with Eastern thought? Is there anything we can learn from it? Are there indeed parallels worth exploring? Would you believe that the birth of Eastern philosophy is discussed in this week's Torah portion? Whether Brahman is related to Abraham or not, clearly many foundations of Far Eastern thought originate from Abraham. No wonder Jewish and Eastern mysticism contain many similar ideas. But they also fundamentally differ in many important ways. As we read in this week's Torah portion how Abraham sent his children to the East armed with spiritual wisdom, please join Rabbi Jacobson in an eye-opening class on the mysteries of the journey to the east, the sparks embedded there by Abraham, which would be uncovered by his grandchildren thousands of years later! Discover the secrets of mysticism that changed the world then -- and how it can change our lives today.

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