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David, A Man After God’s Heart*

The Bible describes that David was able to capture the Jebusite stronghold of Yevus-Jerusalem, origin of the City of David, and make it Israel’s capital. See King David’s weapons. Gain ...

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King Saul, David & Goliath*

Learn about the ancient city of Gilgal and the significance it played in King Saul’s downfall. Known around the world as one of the greatest battles of all time, journey ...

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Palace of King David

Area G – City of David, Jerusalem – Palace of King David Area G is the name that archaeologists gave to what they called Royal Quarter of King David’s Capital ...

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Bethlehem Palestine Tourism

  Listen how a Christian Arab Israeli Tour Guide explains the history Christian, Jewish, Israeli, Palestinian) and problems of the Palestinian city of Bethlehem.   Church of the Nativity 3D ...

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Tomb of King David – Telugu

  The following is a Christian guided video tour of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion in Jerusalem – in the Telugu language spoken by some 74 million people in ...

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Khirbet Qeiyafa

During the past 30 years, the biblical narrative relating to the establishment of a kingdom in Biblical Judah has been much debated. Were David and Solomon historical rulers of an ...

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City of David

Come take a 90 second tour of the City of David. See the recent discoveries of the Israel Antiquities Authority, see a clip from our award winning 3D movie, travel ...

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