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Lag b’Omer *

Holiday Tip: This year Lag b’Omer 2017 will begin in the evening of Saturday, 13 May. What is Lag b’Omer? Lag b’Omer or Lag BaOmer, Hebrew: ל״ג בעומר,  is the ...

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  The Ancient Synagogue of Meron The Meron synagogue built in the last decade of the 3rd century CE survived the earthquake of 306 CE, and was destroyed by another earthquake in ...

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Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (Rashbi) in Peki’in Rashbi, said to be the author of the mystical “Zohar”, hid in this cave in Peki’in with his son both buried up to ...

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Amud Stream Nature Reserve

Nachal Amud – נחל עמוד The Amud Stream is a “miniature Garden of Eden,” a magical creation of nature. Here, along a year-round flowing stream in the shade of groves ...

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