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The Negev *

The Negev is a is a desert region of southern Israel which comprises approximately 12,000 square kilometers (4,633 sq mi), more than half of Israel’s total land area. Geographically it is an extension of the Sinai Desert, forming a ...

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The Big Crater – HaMakhtesh HaGadol *

HaMakhtesh HaGadol HaMakhtesh HaGadol (The Big Crater) is located near Yeruham in Israel’s desert Negev. Makhtesh is the Hebrew word for a mortar grinder (מַכְתֵּשׁ‬). The Big Crater got its misleading name in ...

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Dead Sea Works

  Dead Sea Works DSW is based on the know-how of Moshe Novomeysky and the Palestine Potash Company concession established in 1930. In 1951, the company was nationalized by the Israeli ...

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Ancient Shivta, Negev Desert Shivta, in Israel’s Negev Desert is a Nabatean-Roman-Byzantine city, founded around 1 century BCE, that forms part of the series of UNESCO Heritage Site Desert Cities (Shivta, ...

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Kadesh Barnea

Biblical Kadesh Barnea Kadesh-Barnea appears in the stories of Abraham (Gen. 16:14; 20:1) and in the description of the expedition of Chedorlaomer and his allies; Kadesh-Barnea, here called En-Mishpat, is ...

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Havarim Cistern

  Bor Havarim – Havarim Cistern Bor Havarim (Chavarim Pit) is a group of underground Nabatean water cisterns. The cisterns collected runoff water in Wadi Havarim (Nahal Havarim) in the Negev. Ancient ...

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Operation Black Arrow Memorial

Retaliation During the 1950s, armed Arab Palestinian terrorists known as ‘fedayeen’ attacked Israeli border villages from Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan. Reprisal actions were initiated by the Israel Defense Forces. Israeli forces carried out ...

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Maon Synagogue

The Maon Synagogue The famous Maon Synagogue was found in an archaeological site in the Negev Desert close to Horvat Maon near Kibbutz Nirim. This is the site of the Hellenistic city ...

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