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Ma’aleh Akrabim (Scorpions Ascent)

Ma’aleh Akrabim (Scorpions Ascent – מעלה עקרבים) is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful scenic roads in Israel. I just re-visited this old road on my way to Eilat. The serpentine ...

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Har Yoash

Mt. Yoash – הר יואש At the peak of the Eilat Heights we encounter a junction with a road going off to the south. This road leads to the summit ...

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Ein Evrona

Ein Evrona – עין עברונה Ein Evrona is an ancient well that is located on the edge of the Evrona salt marsh. In times gone by the water would rise ...

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Hatzevah Fortress

Ir Ovot Kibbutz Ir Ovot (the town of Ovot) was established in the Arava in Southern Israel in 1967, by a group of Messianic Jews from the US led by ...

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Hazeva – חצבה This oasis, located in the Arabah valley, receives its waters from Ein (the spring of) Hazeva.  Its frontier location, situated on the crossroads of major ancient routes, ...

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Moa – מואה A Nabatean site on the Spice Route, built in the 1st century, a world Heritage Site. The Incense Route and Desert Cities of the Negev reflects the hugely profitable ...

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Tel Arad

I loved my visit to Tel Arad. I learned so much about Archaelogy. But it left me so confused. Why did the Canaanites desert their city? Why did the Israelite ...

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Masada – Diego and the Tour Group

A Comic Tour to Masada – מצדה Diego is a member of the group lead by Giora, a not very typical Israeli tour guide. Diego encounters a “hot” 2,000-year-old Roman soldier at ...

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Desert tourism in Israel

Tourists discover Israel’s Negev desert History and scenery come together for visitors to Israel’s Negev Desert. Israel’s Negev Desert accounts for more than 55 percent of Israel’s land, but only ...

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VOTE FOR ISRAEL’S RAMON CRATER IN THE 8TH WONDER OF THE WORLD COMPETITION THROUGH SEPTEMBER 30    Israel’s Ramon Crater, the largest geological crater in the world, is currently ranked among ...

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