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Tabun Hamizrach

  Need a coffee or a cold drink? Want to nasch fresh-baked pastry? When going shopping at Shouk Ramla-Lod (on Wednesdays), pull over to Tabun Hamizrach in Ramle. This is ...

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Ramla Museum

The Ramla Museum presents the history of the city from its founding in the 8th century AD and to this day. The most amazing exhibition is dedicated to the coins ...

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White Tower

The White Tower is not white. It takes its name from the nearby White Mosque built in the 8th century city which was destroyed by a huge earthquake. Only the ...

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Lod’s Tourist Potential

Lod has all the potential to become a tourist center in Israel, however the future of tourism and pilgrimage in Lod is not optimistic. The municipal government and the Ministry ...

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Arches Pool

  The roofed underground Arches Pool reservoir, was built in 789,  is the most significant Abbasid building in Israel.  It is called the Pool of St. Helena who ordered it to be dug. ...

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Karaite Community of Ramle

A tour of the The Universal Karaite Judaism Center in Ramle is like “travel in time” or digging up a time capsule from the Middle Ages. At one point in history, ...

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The Great Mosque of Ramla

The Great Mosque of Ramla is the largest original and complete crusader church in Israel. Masjid al Omari means that a previous building was transformed into this mosque. The cathedral of John ...

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Barakah Restaurant

  Yesterday I was shopping downtown in the Shuk (market) of Ramla, struggling to fight my way through the crowds. With a shopping bag full of fruit and vegetables in ...

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