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Tefen Industrial Park

Do not let the unattractive name of “Industrial Park” deceive you. This well-kept complex, situated not far from the city of Ma’alot-Tarshiha, combines between local industry and local culture and art- as is traditional with the industrialist Stephen Wertheimer. A sunning sculpture garden situated in the green grounds of the park with work by Israel’s leading artists.
In addition to some charming outdoor sculptures that are displayed here on the lawns and in front of the Galilee landscape, there are also four different museums here. One of the Tefen Industrial Park museums is the Museum of Vintage and Classic Cars, which includes approximately 100 cars of various models in excellent condition, some of which will get nostalgia enthusiasts excited, as well as children who are not familiar with the Mustang. Another less known museum at the Tefen Industrial Park is the somewhat different but interesting Art of Industry Museum, which presents a collection of processing and cutting tools from prehistoric times and until today. One can also find here the Yekke Heritage Center (the German-Speaking Jewry Heritage Museum), an archeological collection, an art gallery and plenty of scents and fresh air.

Guided group tours may be booked in advance, as well as special activities for the general public on holidays.


Tefen Metal Working Museum

Art of Industry Museum: Museum of industrial art, presenting milestones in the evolution of cutting and chiseling techniques.


Tefen Industrial Park Open Sculpture Museum

A sunning sculpture garden situated in the green grounds of the park with work by Israel’s leading artists.

The Automobile Museum

A collection of classic cars, including 40 cars from the 1930′s.


Tefen Museum of German Speaking Israelis

Museum of German Speaking Judaism

The museum tells the story of the glorious past of central European Jewry in Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia prior to the Second World War. The Museum thus presents the achievements of German-speaking Jews in Israel in a range of significant areas, and the cultural influence of German-speaking immigrants on Israel’s Western character. There is no research facility.

Tefen Industrial Park
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