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Temple Mount Compound – Accessible Audio Walking Tour in the Old City of Jerusalem

A Tour Through the Temple Mount – הר הבית

Time of tour: 2 to 4 hours

In the 7th century, the Muslims reached Jerusalem. The believers of the new religion came forth from the deserts of Arabia, creating a mighty empire.

Jerusalem is not mentioned explicitly in the Qur’an, but its Muslim rulers cemented its status – the third most important site to Islam – and built magnificent and impressive buildings in the city. The “Literature in Praise of Jerusalem” gives special expression to Jerusalem’s importance in Islam, praising the city and emphasizing traditions related to it.
The tour will lead us around the sites of the Temple Mount. Highlights include: the Dome of the Rock and the Golden Gate.

Территория Храмовой горы – маршрут для инвалидов

В рамках нашей экскурсии мы посетим мусульманские святыни, находящиеся на Храмовой горе и вблизи нее.

The Jerusalem Development Authority presents a Guide for the Independent Tourist.

The Old City of Jerusalem Audio Walking Tours takes you through the allies of the Old City of Jerusalem in a fascinating journey through time to a city that is the center of religious and spiritual worship for thousands of years.

Walk through the ancient quarters following 15 different tours and explore the churches, synagogues, masques and historical points of interest. Explore the colorful marketplaces and enjoy the smell of exotic local foods. Glimpse the Temple Mount compound where 3 religions meet in a focal point of worship. Visit the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Dome of the Rock, the Garden Tomb and many more religious iconic locations. Walk in the footsteps of Jesus, see the Temple’s cycles of birth and destruction, witness the sites of Islam.


The videos on this channel are introductions to all audio tours in the app.

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