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The Gospel Trail and The Jesus Trail

The Gospel Trail and the Jesus Trail are two different trails and should not be confused.

The Gospel Trail

The Gospel Trail is a new hiking trail from Mount of Precipice on the outskirts of Nazareth to Capernaum launched. The Gospel Trail incorporates over 60 kilometers of specially-signposted footpaths and roads which can be traveled on foot, by bicycle and/or car, culminating in the spiritual highlight of sailing on the Sea of Galilee.

The driving forces behind the Gospel Trail are the Ministry of Tourism, Israel Government Tourist Corporation and the Jewish National Fund, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, Galilee Development Authority and Israel Antiquities Authority.

It re-creates possible routes that Jesus may have walked when He traveled from Nazareth to Capernaum near the beginning of His ministry (Luke 4:16-37). The stations include: Mount Precipice, Mount Tabor, Kafr Kanna, the Turan Valley, the Horns of Hattin, the Arbel cliffs,  Magdala, Tabgha, Mount of Beatitudes and Capernaum.

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The Jesus Trail

The Jesus Trail is a 65 km (40 mi) hiking route in the Galilee that traces the route Jesus may have walked, connecting many sites from his life and ministry. This trail is a private venture  and is a non-profit project. The trail was founded in 2007 by two hiking enthusiasts, Maoz Inon, a Jewish Israeli entrepreneur who has established hostels and guesthouses in Israel, and David Landis, a Christian American hiking specialist. The trail is public and free and is geared for Christians. Regardless of religious belief, the Jesus Trail is a great hiking trail. There is a self-guided tour option, a tour guide option and a running tour option.  The the whole route takes four or five days to complete.

The main part of the trail begins in Nazareth at the Church of the Annunciation and passes through Tzippori, Cana (Kafr Kanna), the Horns of Hattin, Mount Arbel Cliffs, the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Tabgha, and the Mount of Beatitudes – but not Mount Precipice.

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Jesus Trail -Elevation

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