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The Great Synagogue Jerusalem

The Great Synagogue Jerusalem is a religious and tourist experience. It is like visiting a cathedral and an opera. Palestinian tour guides mistakenly call it the “Center of World Judaism”.

Great Synagogue Jerusalem

The Rosenbaum Mezuzah Collection

The Rosenbaums generously donated thousands of mezuzot The Great Synagogue Jerusalem, on permanent display in the Entrance Hall.

The Great Synagogue Jerusalem Main Synagogue

This massive synagogue seats over 850 men and 550 women in a separate womens’ section on the balconies. The Great Synagogue was engineered to maximize sound capacity and acoustics. The prayer services follow the Orthodox, European Ashkenazi rite led by a Cantor accompanied by a Choir. Unlike a Reform Jewish synagogue, there is no organ or other musical instruments. This synagogue is very popular among Jewish tourists and Israelis vacationing in the Capital. It is an experience just to sit there during the services surrounded by the voices of the Cantor and Choir. The following presentation allows you to visit the main synagogue details: Bimah, Ark, stained glass windows, balconies, central chandelier, menorah, Chair of Eliyahu, Eternal Light and seating.

Jerusalem Great Synagogue Choir

The Choir is led by Chazzan (Cantor) Chaim Adler, conductor Elli Jaffe and musical arranger Raymond Goldstein. This national choir endeavors to serve as the repository of Jewish Ashkenazic liturgical music. Here is a sample of the Israel Independence Day prayers by the Jerusalem Great Synagogue Choir.

 The building is open daily during morning hours to welcome visitors, with free guided tours provided by prior arrangement.

Great Synagogue Jerusalem
Great Synagogue Jerusalem

Street Address:
The Jerusalem Great Synagogue
56 King George Street

Office Phone: +972-2-623-0628


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