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The Jerusalem Light Festival

A Festival of Light in Jerusalem’s Old City – פסטיבל האור בירושלים

Dozens of installations and displays throughout the Old City will offer viewers a uniquely exhilarating experience of light.

5-13 June 2013, 20:00-24:00

Free admission

Jerusalem Festival of Light 2013: the Fifth International Light Festival in Jerusalem’s Old City

The Jerusalem Development Authority presents the Jerusalem Festival of Light – one of an elite group of light festivals held around the world.

You are invited to stroll along the illuminated routes and take part in this very special festival that juxtaposes the enchanted Old City ambience with innovative and challenging artwork.

You’ll be able to ramble through the Old City’s picturesque lanes, among breathtaking works of art from Israel and abroad, and view enthralling light shows, three-dimensional artistic displays and huge video screenings on landmark Old City buildings and on the Old City walls.



Tourist Attractions

Tower of David Night Spectacular

As night falls and light touches stone, the Tower walls fade into a breathtaking three-dimensional trompe-l’oeil illusion.

For ticket purchase and performance times see the website:,

or call: (02) 626-5333.

Open every day, except for June 9th and 11th.

The Generations Center

Music, sculpture, archaeology and light effects combine in a masterwork that delights all the senses.

For ticket purchase and opening hours see the Special prices for Festival attendees.

City of David  3D Movie

An artistic video presentation illuminating the stones of the City of David’s seat of government,

the film describes the birth of the city from the site of the ancient spring through the modern rhythm of contemporary Jerusalem.

For ticket purchase and screening hours see the website:,

or phone: (02) 626-8700 | 6033*

*Professional photography competition at the Jerusalem Festival of Light 2013.

Information at: .

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