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The Most Popular Museums of Israel

By EU Travel Tips, 01 February 2013

Israel is known for its unique and complex culture. The country has more than 200 museums, which is the highest number per capita in the whole world. This means that visiting Israel you’ll have to choose only the best and the most popular museums, as you will need too much time to visit all of them.

  • The Israel Museum located in Jerusalem is the biggest and the most famous cultural institution in the country. It is remarkable for its Shrine of the Book. This great dome was created for demonstrating the Dead Sea Scrolls and various ancient manuscripts. You may visit it for just $13 or 50 shekels any day of the week.
  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art began its work in 2011 and immediately became a stumbling block. Some people love it, while others think that this is not a piece of art. Nevertheless, if you decide to visit it, it is better to start your viewing from the new wing and finish in the old one founded in 1932. The visit will cost you $12.50 or 48 shekels any day of the week except for Sunday.
  • Museum of Art in Ein Harod has a long history as it was created in 1930 and moved to another building in 1948. Nowadays, it provides its visitors with a great opportunity to enjoy modern art of Israel for only $6.80 or 26 shekels any weekday.
  • Design Museum Holon will be appreciated by people who are fond of trends and style. This museum will show you various fashion, industrial and jewelry exhibitions and design weeks. Such a pleasure will cost you only $9 – 35 shekels and it is open without output.
  • Yad Vashem in Jerusalem attracts a great amount of visitors every year, as it shows the history of Holocaust. This is also a place of beginning of different diplomatic visits. Admission is free there, but the museum is closed on Saturdays.
  • Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery boasts with modern Palestinian and Arab art. You will be able to visit it any day except for Friday, paying $4 (15 shekels).
  • If you want to see socio-political expositions, Museum on the Seam in Jerusalem is the right place. Its exhibitions raise provocative ethnic, economic and national questions. Besides, there is a great restaurant on its roof. Museum admission is $8, 30 shekels.
  • The Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem will introduce the most remarkable art achievements of the country. Be ready to pay $10.50 or 40 shekels and visit it any day you choose.
  • The Negev Museum of Art in Beer Sheva shows the splendor of the Ottoman period. In summer, you may attend different live concerts there. The entrance fee is $4 or 15 shekels.
  • Madatech in Haifa is a museum which shows you various technological achievements of the country. It is remarkable for interactive exhibitions which are loved greatly by children. Admission is $20, 75 shekels.

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