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The Trail Around the Sea of Galilee (Shvil Sovev Kinneret)

Shvil Sovev Kinneret, or the trail that goes around the Sea of Galilee, is one of the most special and important projects in the field of tourism, environment and everything in between. This ambitious project was aimed first and foremost at realizing the public’s right to pass freely in the area, or to take away the obstacles that stood in the way of those who wanted to tour around the national lake. The welcomed result is the possibility to leisurely walk or cycle around the places which were closed for visitors for years. Shvil Sovev Kinneret, the trail that goes around the Sea of Galilee, marked by the colors white-purple-white, is not completed yet: until 2011 close to 40 kilometers out of 60 kilometers were completed. Among the beautiful sections that were opened for the public are: the area of Amnon Bay, the shores of the Golan Regional Council, and others. An especially recommended section of the trail, especially for bicycle riders, starts atkibbutz HaOn and from there continues to Ma’agan, the Dgania Dam and Kibbutz Kinneret.

The following presentation includes photos of one of my hikes on the Kinneret Trail.

You can walk or bike around the Sea of Galilee on the new 60-kilometer Shvil Sovev Kinneret. Rent a cycle and begin the route at Kibbutz HaOn and continue past the Degania Dam to Kibbutz Kinneret. Not into pumping your legs? Try a horse-drawn trip in the southern Jordan River area accompanied by local lore and songs; hire a jeep or ATV guide; or hop on the free “Around the Sea of Galilee” bus line, which run from Tiberias to all of the Kinneret beaches. (*55477). – See more
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