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The Yigal Alon Museum

Beit Yigal Alon Museum

The Beit Yigal Alon Museum is located on the grounds of Kibbutz Ginnosar, by the Sea of the Galilee. The Museum is named after Yigal Alon (0r Allon) (1918-1980), a member of the Kibbutz who was a military and political leader and a believer in coexistence and peace.

Revolving Exhibits

The museum art gallery hosts revolving exhibits which feature pieces of contemporary art created by both Jews and Arabs.

Permanent Exhibit

There is a permanent exhibit which showcases the history of the Galilee from ancient times until the present day:- Galilee nature, the Mishnah and Talmud in the Galilee, Palmach soldiers in Galille kibbutzim, Jewish settlements in the Galilee and the life of Yigal Alon. As an educational museum, Beit Yigal Allon Museum it presents visitors with the story of how the Jewish people met the challenges involved in returning to the land of their forefathers – the Zionist settlement movement, the development of a Jewish defense force, the roots and creation of a new culture, the dilemmas faced and the struggle for a high-quality life together of Jews, Christians and Moslems.

The Jesus Boat

The Beit Yigal Allon Museum is also responsible for the preservation and display of the famous 2,000 year-old Galilee Boat, known as the Jesus Boat that sailed the Sea of the Galilee in the first century CE, during the time period of Jesus. The medium-sized fishing boat is perfectly preserved. The boat is made of wood. Its preservation in the fresh water lake for so many centuries represents a sort of “archeological miracle,” as well as a challenge – to ensure its preservation. The exhibition space is equipped with a sophisticated climate-control system that ensures optimal environmental conditions for conservation of the boat.

The Yigal Alon Museum
The Yigal Alon Museum

Three years of drought had lowered the level of Lake Kinneret and exposed bits of the ancient wood in the mud when fishermen brothers Moshe and Yuvi Lufan discovered the wooden boat in 1985 on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. This boat from the times of Jesus raised great excitement in the Christian world. The relic may have been sunken after the Roman naval victory over the rebellious Jewish townspeople of nearby Magdala in 67 AD, as described by the historian Flavius Josephus.

It was built using the “shell first” technique, with mortise and tenon joinery. Cedar and oak make up most of the boat’s planks and frame, but there are also 10 other kinds of woods. Though apparently used for fishing, it may also have transported passengers and goods.

The boat measures 8.2 m long, 2.3 m wide, and 1.25 m high. It would have had a crew of 5 (4 rowers and a helmsman) and could carry about 15 additional persons. Take into consideration that men were smaller 2,000 years ago — about 5’5″ and 140 pounds.

The Yigal Alon Museum
The Yigal Alon Museum

Opening Hours:

  • Sun-Thurs 08:00-17:00
  • Fri and days before holidays  08:00-14:00
  • Sat and holidays 08:00-16:00


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