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Tour Guide License – Lander Institute

The next Semester begins on : November 2013

Duration of the course is twice a week for 24 months.

Fees: Tuition for the course is 23,000 ₪ + 250 ₪ Non refundable Registration Fee.

a down payment of ₪ 2,000 is required before the course begins.

Payment by Cash, Check or Credit Card. All fees must be paid up to one week before the course starts. If paying by Credit Card, tuition may be paid in installments of no less than 250 ₪ /mo for a  maximum of 10 months.  If paying by check, checks must be paid in advance and can be post dated until the course completion date. Cash – tuition must be paid in full before the course begins. (For exceptions please call our office)

Tuition is all-inclusive, covering the salaries of the lecturers and guides, travel, entry to sites, provisions and accommodation on longer excursions, and more. No other payment is required for any expense during the course except for books and stationery.

We congratulate you on your decision to join our Israel Guide Course, and are confident that you will benefit from the course in many ways. Apart from pure enjoyment, you will acquire the most up-to-date and advanced tools to guide tourists in Israel and to impart the message of Ahavat HaAretz, love of the Land.

About Machon Lander, the  School of Tourism and the Israel Guide Course

Machon Lander is a fully accredited Israeli College, licensed and emowered by Israel’s Council of Higher Education to grant academic degrees and certification in several fields. Currently, the Lander Institute is comprised of three academic divisions: the School of Business Administration, the School of Judaic Studies, and the School of Land of Israel and Jerusalem Studies, These schools offer top-level programs for BA and MA degrees. All non-academic programs offered by the Lander Institute, including the School of Tourism, are administered by the Continuing Education Department.

The Israel Guide Course is one of the high-quality programs offered by the Lander Institute’s Derech Eretz School of Tourism. “Derech Eretz” teaches all the relevant aspects of Israel Studies while at the same time enriching the student’s spiritual and national bond to Eretz Yisrael and its Jewish sources and origins. Our goal is to train guides who are qualified to guide groups and individuals throughout Israel, while creating a professional, educational and enjoyable atmosphere. A strong emphasis is placed on the Jewish-Israeli experience.

The Derech Eretz curriculum meets all criteria established by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism and is authorized by the Ministry to prepare its students for the final certification examinations as official national guides.

The lecturers on this program are among the foremost names in Land of Israel studies: Dr. Yosef Avineri, Dr. Boaz Adrian, Dr. Gabi Barkai, Dr. Shimon Gat, Mrs. Yiskah Hareini, Dr. Yair Zimun, Atty. David Yahalom, Dr. Yigal Levin, Dr. Eyal Miron, Mr. Eini Abadi, Gen. (res.) Yaakov Amidror, Dr. Chaggai Amitzur, Dr. Yonatan Fein, Dr. Efraim Kaye, Dr. Moshe Raanan, Dr. Yosef Shafneier, and many more.

On our list of tour guides, you will find: Chilik Abergel, Sarah Eran, Zev (Zevo) Ehrlich, Dr. Chaim Ben David, Adina Benveniste, Avi Ben Chur, Tzvi Bassin, Itzik Bassur, Avner Goren, Dr. Tali Gini, Assaf       Holtzer, Aharon Horowitz, Tamar Hayardeni, Batzy Ziv, Moshe Charmatz, Chaim Karel, Menachem   Marcus, Yigal (Gali) Nachum, Efrat Natan, Eran Se’er, Noam Seri-Levi, Yaron Ovadia, Uriel Feinerman, Tami Tzaddok, Ofer Regev, Aryeh Rotenberg, Eli Raz, Dr. Nachum Sagiv, Shilo Shachar, and many others.

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