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Ugdat HaPlada Monument


Ugdat HaPlada Monument in Yamit

The Ugdat HaPlada Monument, commemorating the casualties of the 84th Armored Division who died during the Six-Day War. The Ugda was under the command of Yisrael Tal. The memorial was designed by the architect Israel Gudovich and was erected at Yamit in 1977 on the tenth anniversary of the Six Day War. I drove down then in my old Israeli Susita car with my young family to see the then beautiful city and the monument.

Residents of Yamit, led by Tzachi Hanegbi, demonstrated against the withdrawal from Sinai, and stayed top of the monument from 1-23 August 1982.

Ugdat HaPlada Monument at Avshalom Junction

After the Israeli withdrawal from the Sinai it was rebuilt next to Highway 232, (3 km west of Avshalom junction and 2 km west if Moshav Yated) using the same design. The tower is 25 meters high, with an internal stairway. There are 400 concrete columns (in Yamit there were only 295) some of which have authentic parts of tanks and weapons.



Ugdat HaPlada Monument
Ugdat HaPlada Monument Stamp


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