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Urbano Viejo – A Hamburger In Jaffa

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At this point of time, it is fair to say that ‘Urbano Viejo- Hamburger and Bar‘  is maybe the best hamburger in Jaffa. The place is located on the very trendy corner of the flee-market and the Abulafia bakery, in a traditional ancient Ottoman building of stone and arches, that has been wisely preserved. It is a little bit surprising, but it took the hamburger trend about 4 years to find it’s way from Tel-Aviv to Jaffa. After the recent years’ big boom of hamburger chef restaurants in the city it looks like this chunk of meat was always here with us, but Jaffa arrived fashionably late.

So now Jaffa has its own chef hamburger, and it’s pretty good. When I was there, I was the only one in the place so I can say the service was very good. I had a 250gr hamburger dish, with chips and a drink. The hamburger was good, carefully done and well served. The chips could have been better, if  you ask me, but a big amount of them was served on the dish so I was satisfied anyway. In the bar section, the place has some interesting items to offer such as boutique Israeli beers, definately not always easy to find.

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Like other novo-flee-market-restaurants it seems like ‘Urbano’ is looking for a unique niche in the battle on the heart of the visitor in this fast growing area. Is it a bar, is it a hamburger place? Looks like the identity of ‘Urbano’ is still in the making. Our advice is: Keep on doing what you are doing well. Hamburgers.

Yefet 11, Tel Aviv 6802816, Israel

+972 3-632-2490

[Not Kosher]

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