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Virtual Tour of Israel in Korean – 이스라엘

South Korea is probably the only country that can understand Israel’s complicated situation,” said Lee Gun-Tae, the South Korean Ambassador to Israel. Many Korean Christian pilgrims come to Israel. The majority of Koreans are pro-Israel. The number of tourists that visit Israel from Korea (2012) is larger than from any other Asian country.

이스라엘 - (photo credit:Mark Neiman/GPO)

History of Jewish land in Israel desert, Part 1 – 역사의 땅 ישראל 제1부 유대광야


Land of History Israel Jerusalem Part 2 – 역사의 땅 이스라엘 제2부 예루살렘


Part 3 of the history of ancient Israel, the land road perfume trade route – 역사의 땅 ישראל 제3부 고대무역길 향료루트



Part 4: Israel’s history in the land of Galilee to the Dead Sea -역사의 땅 이스라엘 제4부 갈릴리에서 사해까지



[Pilgrimage documentary] promised land, Israel once – [성지순례 다큐멘터리] 약속의 땅, 이스라엘 1회

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