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Visit Palestine, Feel Like a Local


Living with a local Palestinian family, learning Arabic, volunteering for community work sound like an interesting idea, but Palestine isn’t Switzerland. Palestinian terror and security are a real problem. When there will be  Palestinians who want to promote peaceful interaction and tourism in cooperation with Israel, I would be the first to commend them. Israel has many similar activities for both Gentiles and Jews, all of which are very successful. The following video was produced by the Siraj Center for Holy Land Studies to support responsible tourism. Siraj is a project of the Alternative Travel Department of the Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement between People (PCR).  Can we give them the benefit of the doubt? The clip presents a Palestinian tour guide, who seems to be a nice guy. The homes chosen for the visit include well-to-do Muslim and Christian homes as well as a Bedouin  tent. In reality the Palestine Authority (PA) and UNRWA refuse to resettle third and forth generation “refugees” and keep them in camps. In reality many Palestinian Christians are emigrating to flee Muslim anti-Christian terror. The position of women in the home and the community, as shown in the clip, is far from the Palestinian norm.  So, in my opinion, this video is more propaganda than tourism.

Siraj dream -
Siraj dream

The following photo was taken during a Siraj tour was taken on the corner of Ashkelon Street and Qesarya Street in the Israeli city of Haifa. This is not Palestine tourism. This is Israeli tourism.

Haifa is in Israel
Haifa is in Israel


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