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Volunteer Tourism / Experience Israel Hands on and Help the Hungry

Volunteer Tourism

 Tourists in Israel looking for another, hands on way to experience Israel and, at the same time, help feed Israel’s needy can now enjoy a great day out picking fruits and vegetables, courtesy of Leket. The free activity is available for groups of all ages, sizes and backgrounds, as part of Israel’s National Food Bank gleaning initiative to pick fresh produce for distribution to Israel’s needy and help alleviate nutritional insecurity in Israel.

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Groups can participate Sunday through Thursday between 08:00 and 16:00 for a 2-hour gleaning session at fields just outside Rehovot in Central Israel or in Moshav Nahalal in Northern Israel. Each group is welcomed with a brief overview of the scheme and then sent out into the field to reap the fruit of their labor. At the conclusion, the group is gathered for a summary and told how many families they helped feed through their initiative.
Israel’s National Food Bank works to alleviate nutritional insecurity in Israel through its many food rescue and redistribution projects. Food is reclaimed from hundreds of food suppliers (restaurants, catering halls, farms etc) and redistributed to over 300 nonprofit organizations serving the needy; feeding 60,000 people daily.
Groups wishing to arrange a visit to the fields are invited to call 972 9 744 1757 or email
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