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The Western Wall Tunnels

Western Wall Tunnels


tunnel 7

Western Wall Tunnels

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Western Wall Tunnels

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Western Wall Tunnels

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Western Wall Tunnels

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Western Wall Tunnels

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Western Wall Tunnels

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The Western Wall Tunnels (Minharot Ha Kotel – מנהרות הכותל)

All of these amazing portholes to the past can be seen at the Western Wall Tunnels, which is why visiting them is so thrilling. A visit to the Tunnels is not just an awe-inspiring journey through time, but also a fascinating lesson in Jewish history and in the archeology and topography of Jerusalem.

Opening the tunnels to the public required complicated and unique engineering and safety solutions to allow safe and enjoyable access. It was a long process, which included the development of walking paths, air conditioning, signs and lighting, and insuring that the site is wheelchair accessible and can accommodate visitors with disabilities. Audio/visual aids were developed and guides were trained to help visitors explore the mysteries of the Tunnels.

The work is far from completed. Much more still lies hidden than has been revealed at the foot of the Temple Mount.

The Western Wall Tunnels

During a fascinating tour of the Western Wall Tunnels – Hidden layers of the Wall are revealed underground. They tell the story of ancient Jerusalem and of generations of longing for it.
The tour takes approximately an hour and 15 minutes.

Opening hours:
Sunday – Thursday: 7am – evening (depending on reservations).
Fridays and on the eve of festivals: 7am – 12pm

The site is closed on Shabbat and festivals, and on the eve of Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana, and on Tisha B’av.

On Chol Ha’moed the site is open as usual (with a reservation and payment).

Visitation of the site is only through guided tours which must be ordered in advance.

Tours are given in English and in Hebrew. During the month of August tours are given in French as well.
Reservations: 02-6271333
The hotline is operational between 8:30 – 17:00.

For reservations in French call 02-6271333 group tour reservations (line no. 1).
It is recommended that you book two months in advance.
To receive your ticket – bring the credit card with which you made your order.
Fees for individuals and for groups using a guide from the Western Wall Heritage Foundation:
Adult: 30 shekel
Student / Soldier / Security officer: 15 shekel
Child (Age: 5-18) / Senior citizen / Handicapped: 15 shekel
Fees for groups with their own guide:
Adult: 25 shekel
Student / Soldier / Security officer: 10 shekel
Child (Age: 5-18) / Senior citizen / Handicapped: 10 shekel
For your information: There is a discount when ordering a combination ticket for the Tunnels and the Chain of Generations Center. Get details by calling *5958.


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