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Yehiam Convoy

Shayeret Yehiam

The Yehiam Convoy Memorial commemorates the soldiers who fell during the Israeli War of Independence while attempting to help the besieged people of kibbutz Yehiam. It was right here where the Yehiam Convoy Memorial is situated that the fatal ambush awaited the Carmeli Brigade. During this military operation 47 soldiers have fallen. The tall Yehiam Convoy Memorial, seen to a distance, is located in the middle of a round plaza and is composed out of three pillars which create the shape of a star together. The Yehiam Convoy Memorial presents a marble plaque with the names of the fallen soldiers on it, a concrete memorial wall which features a geographic relief of the area and an additional plaque which tells the story of the battle.




Fortress Yehiam – Israel National Park

The Yehi’am Fortress probably began as a Crusader estate, and was destroyed by the Mamluk Sultan Baibars destroyed the fortress in 1265. Most of the remains – including walls, towers and a moat – were built in the 18th century by the Bedouin ruler Daher al-Omar. They are a romantic backdrop for the Sukkot Yehi’am Renaissance Festival. Panoramic views of Western Galilee await at the top of the fortress, which was the first home for the pioneers who established Kibbutz Yehi’am in 1946.

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