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Yemenite Jewish Heritage Center and Museum *

The Yemenite Jewish Heritage Center and the Israeli Communities. in Rehovot. includes permanent exhibitions and unique activities for disseminating and preserving the heritage of Yemenite Jewry through rare, authentic and unique collections and exhibits. You can learn about the rich spiritual world of Yemeni Jews through a unique interactive table.

The Yemenite Jewish Heritage Center in Rehovot Photo: Davidbena
The foyer of the Yemenite Jewish Heritage Center in Rehovot, Israel

The Jewish Yemenite Heritage Center and Tribes of Israel, in Rehovot, is spread over ​​3,000 square meters over three floors. The center includes exhibitions, a library, classrooms, an auditorium, cafeteria and offices.

All treasures, collections and displays have been donated by members of the Yemenite community in Israel and abroad as well as from other various communities.

The heart of the visit is an impressive media display telling of the 700-year journey of Yemenite Jews to Israel.

The heritage center was designed by architect Yaakov Gil, an expert in the design of public buildings in Israel and abroad.

The heritage center has a modern and advanced design while thinking of authentic and unique elements. The center places great emphasis and importance on making the place accessible to people with special needs.




Abravanel 7, Rehovot

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