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Yerucham City

Yerucham, established in 1951 as Kfar Yeruham, is one of the first frontier development towns in Israel. It is named after the Biblical city by the same name. Nearby is the site of Tel Rachma and the ancient well . Be’er Rachma. Yerucham is situated in the northern Negev, 520 meters above sea level, between Lake Yeruham and Israel’s Great Crater. For many years, development was very slow, but today with the transfer of major IDF bases to the Negev the city is beginning to prosper. It is worth your visit


אירוס-ירוחם Yerucham -
אירוס-ירוחם Iris petrana or Iris Yerucham

Park Yerucham

Yeruham Park is just west of the town.  In the 1950s, after Kfar Yeruham was established, the KKL JNF joined planted trees at the site.  Yeruham Lake is in the middle of the park. It is a manmade lake created in Nahal Revivim.  Yeruham Park is becoming a major urban park for people visiting the Negev for water sports and education.

Yerucham - מצילומי יהודית גרעין-כל . מתוך אתר פיקיוויקי


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