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Yitzhak Rabin Terminal

The Yitzhak Rabin Terminal, formerly known as the Arava Terminal, serves as a border crossing between Israel and Jordan for Israelis and foreign tourists, with the exception of residents of the Territories.

The Terminal serves also as a Freight Terminal through which goods are conveyed between Israel and Jordan. The crossing is controlled by the Israel Airport Authority.

The majority of outbound passengers pass through the Terminal in groups going on one-day trips to Petra, some randomly from hotels in Eilat and some as organized groups from abroad.

Currently, there is a trend of off-road vehicles passing through the terminal, on their way to tour in Jordan.

Hours of operation of the Terminal:

Sunday to Thursday – 06:30 – 20:00

Friday and Saturday – 08:00 – 20:00

On Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement) and on the Muslim New Year – the Terminal is closed.


The Yitzhak Rabin Terminal is the first border crossing that was opened between Israel and Jordan.

25 July 1994 – The Declaration of Intents Agreement between the Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin and King Hussein, was signed in Washington.
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At the signing ceremony, it was declared that within two weeks a border crossing between the two countries would be opened.

During those two weeks, great effort was put in by the Israel Defense Force (I.D.F.), the Airports Authority and additional entities, in the removal of mines, paving of a road, and construction of a temporary terminal, in order to open the border crossing.

8 August 1994 – two weeks after the declaration of intents, the border crossing inauguration ceremony was held, naming the border crossing the Arava Terminal.

October 1994 – A Peace Agreement between the State of Israel and Jordan was signed at the border crossing, in a ceremony attended by the top echelon of Israeli and Jordanian administration, and many guests, prominent amongst which was the President of the USA, Bill Clinton.

September 1995 – Inauguration ceremony of the new Terminal which was built-in place of the temporary terminal.

June 1996 – The Freight Terminal is inaugurated and the transition of cargo between Israel, Jordan and additional countries, commences.

February 2002, A ceremony to dedicate the Terminal in commemoration of the late Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Yitzhak Rabin, attended by the Prime Minister, ministers and many guests.

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