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以色列 – Virtual Tour of Israel in Chinese

Chinese Tourism to Israel

Israel has approved a speedy application procedure for Chinese tourists, who had already been granted visas by the United States or the European Union, looking to visit the holy land. Additional flights between Beijing and Tel Aviv will enable 100,000 Chinese tourists to come to visit in 2017. Israel is targeting Chinese Christians as well as middle- and upper-class visitors. These are new tourists flocking to Israel’s shores. They’re part of an emerging new class of world travelers. Responding to growing demand for Chinese-speaking tour guides, the Tourism Ministry last year opened a first-ever course for tour guides that targets Chinese speakers. Hotels will offer Mandarin-speaking staffers, Mandarin-language TV channels in guest rooms and Chinese food options at their lush breakfast buffet.

Israel 以色列 Tour From China (Part 1 / 5)


Israel  以色列 Tour From China (Part 2 / 5)

Israel 以色列 Tour From China (Part 3 / 5)


Israel 以色列 Tour From China (Part 4 / 5)


Israel 以色列 Tour From China (Part 5 / 5)

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