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Cameling in the holy land since forever

Dating an Israeli Girl **

OMG, how does one go about dating an Israeli girl. Israel andYou knows since I have been happily married to my “Israeli girl” for 50 years. Dating an Israeli Girl ...

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Jerusalem 1913 **

Jerusalem 1913 Jerusalem 1913: – Jerusalem, a city of domes, minarets and churches, with inhabitants of many races; monuments which date far back into antiquity, belonging to Jews, Muslims and ...

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Need to Know about Israel **

IsraelandYou highly recommends that you review what you need to know about Israel. This is true if you come in a group, a family, a couple, or alone. If you do your ...

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Kalaniyot ***

Kalaniyot Every spring, the Negev desert blooms with poppy anemones – Anemone coronaria – (known as kalaniyot in Hebrew). Fields of kalaniyot bloom in both the south and in the north of Israel. Distribution ...

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