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Cameling in the holy land since forever

Happy Birthday Muhammed – Happy Mawlid

Just by coincidence, this year 2015,  Mohammed’s “nativity” celebration, called “Mawlid”, happens to fall on Christmas Eve. Doesn’t it make you wonder why different monotheistic religions have similar traditions? The ...

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Rothschild Boulevard Tel Aviv

  Rothschild Boulevard Rothschild Boulevard, one of the most important and iconic streets in Tel Aviv, is located in the heart of the White City of Tel Aviv. As one of the ...

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Seniors Trips to Israel

  Golden Agers have the time to enjoy themselves in a new and special way: No longer worried about limited vacation time, and without having to consider school breaks, they are free ...

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The White Synagogue of Capernaum

  The White Synagogue Jewish Capernaum Today, while visiting the Sacra Insula, one can visit the remains of a Byzantine-era 4th Century Jewish Synagogue (The White Synagogue) of Capernaum and ...

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Chain of Generations Center

Sharsheret Hadorot Fifty five exciting minutes of an unforgettable experience – a special journey following the secret of the Jewish people’s existence; with special effects and an amazing view of ...

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Flora of Israel

Book Recommendation – Flora of Israel Israelandyou recommends a new English language online guide to the Flora of Israel by Prof. Emeritus Avinoam Danin and his son Barak Danin. This website provides detailed scientific ...

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Migdal Shalom Tower Tel Aviv

Migdal Shalom Tower Migdal Shalom was Israel’s first 33 story skyscraper,completed in 1965. The tower stands on the site of the Herzliya Hebrew High School. Despite the school’s architectural and historical ...

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