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Israel and You

Cameling in the holy land since forever

Kadita Restaurant

  In Moshav Timorim, near Malakhi Junction (once better know as Kastina Junction), in the southern coastal plain, you will find Kadita Restaurant, a chef restaurant  serving a variety of meat, fish, breakfasts, ...

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Barakah Restaurant

  Yesterday I was shopping downtown in the Shuk (market) of Ramla, struggling to fight my way through the crowds. With a shopping bag full of fruit and vegetables in ...

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This Circassian village, 8 km north of Safed,  is the twin of the only other Circassian village in Israel: Kafr Kama. The residents of Rihaniya are mostly Circassian.  The village was established in 1873 ...

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Mearat Paar – Pa’ar Cave

  Mearat Paar Nature Reserve ( 14-dunam) is a Karstic Sinkhole in the Upper Galilee. Mearat Paar cave is located between the Mount Adir (part of the Meron Range), and Kibbutz Sasa. Directions: Route 89 north of Sasa Season: Year-round Difficulty: Family ...

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Free PDF Maps of Israel

  Prepare for you trip to Israel by downloading these Free PDF Maps of Israel of your destination and itinerary. These PDF maps require  Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher to ...

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Church of the Holy Sepulchre

  The Church of the Holy Sepulchre has been the center of strife between nations and denominations. Romans and Christians competed to designate this site as holy only to their own beliefs. ...

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Old Mishmar Hayarden

The Battle of Mishmar Hayarden Mishmar HaYarden was a moshava (a Jewish settlement not aligned with socialist parties) that was established in the Upper Galilee in northern Israel during the First Aliyah. It was destroyed during ...

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Pater Noster Church Jerusalem

  The name of this church recalls Jesus’ teaching of the Lord’s Prayer to his disciples. Steps below the altar lead down to the crypt of the 4th-century basilica, partially built in a cave with ...

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