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Cameling in the holy land since forever

Nabi Sabalan

This site is the second most holy site of the Druze in Israel. Some believe Sabalan is supposed to be Zebulun, the son of Jacob. Others believe He was one of the ...

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  Your tour guide will tell you that remains of ancient Kfar Bar’am prove a continued Jewish presence in the Galilee long after The Great Revolt (66-70 C.E.) and The ...

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Jesus Christ Superstar

Did you ever wonder where Judas’ suicide scene in the classic film Jesus Christ Superstar was produced? The answer to this trivia question is Tel Beit She’an. Judas’ Hanging Tree in ...

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Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (Rashbi) in Peki’in Rashbi, said to be the author of the mystical “Zohar”, hid in this cave in Peki’in with his son both buried up to ...

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Herzliya Beach

herzelia beach

  Herzliya Beach has about 7 km of clean beaches with plenty of conveniences such as a marina, restaurants, hotels, a mall and lots of fun amenities. Just look at those ...

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Karaite Community of Ramle

A tour of the The Universal Karaite Judaism Center in Ramle is like “travel in time” or digging up a time capsule from the Middle Ages. At one point in history, ...

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Church of St George, Lod

  A previous Byzantine basilica was build here in the 15th Century C.E. The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem received permission from the Ottoman authorities at the end of the nineteenth century to build ...

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Ava Coffee Shop Haifa

What a wonderful way to start out a work day in downtown Haifa. Ava Cafe is right in the center of the business district on Ha’atzmaut, with a quiet entrance just around ...

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The Great Mosque of Ramla

The Great Mosque of Ramla is the largest original and complete crusader church in Israel. Masjid al Omari means that a previous building was transformed into this mosque. The cathedral of John ...

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Yiftach Fissures

  Nikikei Yiftach, also called Yiftah Crevices Nature Reserve reveal fascinating deep karstic fissures created over eons in the tough dolomite and limestone. Inside the Nature Reserve the depth of the fissures ...

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